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Jun 24 2009

Intel’s Medfield Second Generation Atom Processor

So, now we know the name! Medfield, Atom’s third generation is the expected Smartphone world changer. OS on a Chip! While others are saying that Intel is taking too long, I say Intel is brilliant and I hope successful. Again, I say that this is much larger than just taking more of the market in Smartphones, this is about changing the way we do mobile computing. Already, Apple’s iPhone is a revolutionary laptop replacement for me and now there is more to see.

Even if Intel isn’t the one to make this change, the great thing is that they are at least redirecting our thinking and helping us take this to a new level. Apple has already reframed the way we see Smartphones. Maybe Intel can help us rethink the UMPC.


Intel’s partnership with Nokia – Jun. 23, 2009

It won’t be until around 2011 that the third-generation of Atom, dubbed Medfield, will be ready for the market. This system-on-a-chip is being developed to power smartphones. It’s destiny, as one engineer in Intel’s Austin lab crowed, is to kick the pants of the incumbent in the mobile chipset world ARM. So will we see Intel inside a Nokia smartphone? You bet, but it will be at least a two-year wait. While they are waiting for Medfield to be ready, it looks like Intel and Nokia will be pushing this “new class” of devices. And you have to figure they’ll be in the market sooner rather than later.

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