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Nov 13 2009

GOOGLE | Can You Hear Me Now?

Google actually just made the smartest move EVER! On the heels of an almost victory over whether or not phone companies will have to allow Google Voice or not with Google Voice’s iPhone app, they are moving to checkmate position as they prepare for an all out VoIP war!!!!!

Way to go Google, maybe this will start to make everything a bit more balanced and fix some of the outrageous prices that we are paying for our mobile packages.


Google pays $30M for Gizmo5; Did the search giant just blow up the phone biz? — DailyFinance

Search giant Google (GOOG), which looks increasingly like a phone company, paid $30 million for Gizmo5, the Web-based calling startup, DailyFinance has confirmed with people familiar with the matter. The deal is done and the startup’s staff has begun work integrating into the Google Voice team in Mountain View, Calif.

Skype was also in negotiations to buy Gizmo5 before the VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) giant’s founders reached a settlement to re-take an ownership stake in the company. TechCrunch first reported the news earlier this week. The deal is a crucial step for the search titan because Google Voice now gains the technology to connect inbound and outbound calls to standard land-lines and cell phones, something it had lacked.

The Gizmo5 acquisition makes a world of sense for Google because it adds a major piece to Google’s mobile network puzzle. That’s because Gizmo5’s open standards-based web calling system allows incoming or outbound calls to real phones. In other words, this deal gets Google one step closer to realizing its goal of forging a parallel communications network independent of the incumbent cable and phone companies.

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