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Apr 19 2010

My Newfound Backup Sync Solution Friends! SugarSync & BackBlaze

As I always do, I have been searching for neat ways to backup my files and to even keep things sync’d across multiple computers. I have tried different options like DropBox and Mozy, but both had issues and really were not what I was looking for. However, just the other day, I found two different things that really DID help. First, for my syncronizing across computers and such, I found Sugar Sync.

Sugar Sync

Sugar Sync is AMAZING because it gives you real POWER:
You can…

Have Back up, access and share your files
Get all of your files on-the-go, instantly and securely from any Mac, PC or mobile device. (iPhone or Blackberry and others too!)
No extra effort. No extra baggage.
It has a really great app that allows you to check in on things both on your computer AND your mobile device.
The first 2 GB are FREE!
They have the cheapest fees for their 30GB, 60GB and higher plans!!!!!

CLICK HERE for more info!
My referral link is here:

As for ongoing backup, the BEST solution I have found for the lowest price is Back Blaze. BackBlaze is amazing because you turn it on and it backs up everything on your entire computer that is under 4GB in size and puts in on its encrypted server. It runs in the background better than Mozy and actually works where many of these things never work.

The cost is $4.99 per month per computer. And the storage is ENDLESS! So, I spend $15 a month and back EVERYTHING UP!!!!

The link is here:

best of all guys, these work EXCEPTIONALLY well on both my mac and my pc.

Check em out!!!!!

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