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Jan 26 2009

Franklin Covey – PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook Software 6.0

Franklin Covey - PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook Software 6.0

As always, I attempt to help the busiest of us mobloggin’ mobile computing, mobile office \ virtual office, IT kind of folks and help us become even better equipped to time-save and cost-cut. My latest encouragement is using Franklin Covey’s PlanPlus software. I love this stuff and it isn’t just because it connects to your Outlook and keeps you up to date, but because of the unseen benefits you get to your palm based handheld or Windows Mobile handheld.The suite integrates with Outlook so that EVERYTHING you do fits into Outlook and syncs. It is seemless in its approach and on the computer end gives you the ability to turn every email that you receive directly into an action that can be prioritized just like your to-do list in your Franklin Covey paper planner.The palm software has:1 – Goals2 – Weekly Compass3 – Mission4 – Values5 – Projectsand much more. The best two apps in that suite are: the Weekly Compass and the Projects because they interact with your calendar and to-do list directly, quickly prioritizing everything you add. You can very easily add an appiontment and\or to do item as you file your week by values, mission and goals!Now that is software that not only helps you in productivity, but allows you to monitor your very integrity!And guys, that makes me FEEL GOOD! Try it, you will LOVE IT!pd_________________Take Microsoft Outlook to a new level of performance by adding Franklin Covey’s planning tools with PlanPlus for Outlook 6.0.A Familiar Way to Take Charge of Work and Home LifePlanPlus™ v.6 for Microsoft® Outlook® seamlessly integrates with your existing Outlook, enabling you to take charge of every aspect of your personal and professional lives without leaving that familiar interface. Its Home Page mimics classic FranklinCovey paper planner pages to help you prioritize, rank, and manage projects and tasks, and it also keeps track of Mission Statements, Values, Weekly Compass, Goals, Roles, notes, and more. As if that weren’t enough, it also boasts compatibility with BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, and Palm® devices.Key functional features: * NEW Choose from five customizable home page layouts-Home View, Planner View, E-mail View, Schedule View, and TasksPlus View-based on your planning style

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9 Responses to “Franklin Covey – PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook Software 6.0”

  • Vu Says:

    Have you experienced any program crashes or glitches? I’ve been using this plug-in since v3.0 and have always had issues. I’m currently using 5.0 with Outlook 2007 and have decided to remove it completely. I was hoping v 6.0 would be better but have read elsewhere that it too suffers from stability issues. -Thanks for any info.

  • pd Says:

    I never have had real glitches. It has been a long time great product for me. However, I also do not use Outlook 2007. I still use Outlook 2003 or XP. So, I am not sure just what to recommend for 2007. I like 2007, but that is probably the root issue there. I personally still recommend the product, but I again, would be careful if using 2007. I will have to look into the issues with v6.0.

  • Majeeda Says:

    I have always had trouble with Franklin Covey software and it really makes me sad because I love using the paper version of the organizer. I just got 6.0 and it has done nothing but crash since I installed it. I’m looking for a fix now. I think Franklin Covey’s software in general is unstable.

  • Mark D. Moore Says:

    I just tried to load Plan Plus 6 to work with Outlook 2007 and it never worked. I asked for tech help and ended up ruining my Outlook files by following their instructions. I asked for a refund and they won’t refund downloaded software. They’re right, I’m wrong. They win, I lose. They failed to “seek first to understand.”

  • C Matias Says:

    Same issues here. Enable to run Planplus 5.0 on outlook 2007 SP2. Bought the V6 upgrade, but outlook 2007 always crashs at start.
    I’m going back to Clearcontext.

  • Paul Says:

    I am using Outlook 2007, vista, and Plan Plus 6.0 and it constantly freezes when I try to start outlook. When I remove Plan Plus outlook starts great. Does anyone have a fix?

  • Darren Says:

    I just bought v 6.0 and loaded it. I’m running Outlook 2003. Outlook crashed the second it loaded, and crashes every time I restart Outlook. Seems like a piece of junk to me. I sent FC tech support an e-mail, but from what I’m reading on the web, this seems like it’s going to end horribly for me.

  • pd Says:

    No fix. I actually have personally even stopped using this software and will likely remove this post later if they do not step it up.

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